Ah my little girl. How does Grandma say goodbye to such a sweet gentle soul who has given me day after day of laughter and love. My happiness comes from knowing you will fially be in a home of your own! Wear your sweater I made you and remember all the love you learned.

Tell your family how you like to play find by kibble being hidden so you can find it. Let them know how you love your tummy rubbed when you are standing.

Be patient with them. Be kind. Make sure they know you get sleep startled and can get fearful when you wake.

Shelbi you came in here afraid of your own shadow. You leave full of love. Love both received and given.

Let your family read this so they know you like your rope toy and can play like a silly puppy. Show them how you can heel like a bouncy kid and that you wait is perfection. Do not be afraid my little beauty. Your mom here and I will be sending our energy to you and praying. Maybe your new Mom will give or send us  a picture of you in your new home and with your sweater to let us know how you are.

Do not worry Shelbi. Remember your Mom and I put a piece of our hearts in you and grabbed a piece of yours to keep in our hearts.

Shelbi, you truly got Grandma's heart to heal. Take on the job of making your new Mom or Dad's heart feel like you have mine. If you even do it half way, I know you will bring them great joy.

I do not know how to say good bye to you. I will not know how to say goodbye to your Mom in April. I do know that your spirit is the thread that will keep us all bound together in memories and love.

Take care my fragile little heart. you are free. DO NOT let your past keep you from soaring. Instead lift your wings - fly and dance to your drummer.

Puppy Kisses