Diver is doing really well. It’s been 12 years since we had a young dog come to live with us and every day is fun and funny!
In the past three weeks, we’ve learned several things about him. HE BARKS! We’ve never had a barker before and if he hears a strange voice, which is practically anyone, he barks. Last night in the middle of the night, someone stopped in front of our house and he heard voices, and he barked. The people came back, he barked again. He ended up barking four times and needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep.

He likes toys. Four dogs before him, and not one of them played with toys. He takes them all out of the basket and they end up all over the room. When we come home, he runs into the den, grabs a squeaky toy and brings it to us. He also plays fetch with his toys. If we throw it, he’ll get it and bring it back. Yesterday he did it five times in a row!
He doesn’t like the crate. He used it for three days and hasn’t been in it since. He was deemed to be cat-friendly, but you just never know. Not only is he cat safe, he has ZERO interest in them. So the crate isn’t needed. It’s getting taken down this weekend.
He thinks everything is his. My socks. A soft slipper. A two pound bag of rice. Yes, he got a bag of rice out of a bag, carried it to the den and bit it enough that rice started to fall out. THAT was fun cleaning up. EVERYTHING has to be put away-he’s not a counter surfer but he’s tall enough to see over them, and my guess is that if he sees anything, he WILL try to get it.
He’s Dave’s dog for sure, and River is more active now that he’s living here. The old girl runs and he chases her, then she chases him. It’s fun to watch. 



A Star Sky Diver-we love him to pieces!!!
Chris & Dave Sheely (May 8, 2015)

Milo is doing great! Actually Brad and I just got back from a week in Florida and we missed Wolfgang and Milo terribly. They were both super happy to see us. I think Wolfie is completely over being down in the dumps about being the only dog. He and Milo do everything together.

Except for the sofa... That is completely Milo's domain. Wolfie is stuck with the doggie bed because Milo is glued to me and has claimed the end of the sofa at my feet. When she is not in my arms. She is the cuddliest dog ever! She is the most joyful, lovable creature God ever made. Everyone loves her. (but no one as much as me!) I can't wait to bring her to the picnic!


Janet Ward (April 25, 2015)


There is something to be said about increasing endorphins for overall well being. Entie has eased the chronic pain caused by my MS and Fibromyalgia. Daily doses of her admiration and love have been GREYT natural remedies for me! Thank you, Maribeth, for knowing that Entie was special. We are so glad that you just couldn't leave her behind. Thank you for fostering Entie, and for bringing her to Bon-Ton
where we fell in love!

Hannah and I first met Flying Entryway (Entie) when she was selling
Community Day booklets at Bon-Ton with Maribeth. It was LOVE at first sight! I longed for the days when my first greyhound, Lily, cuddled up with me, looked into my eyes with sweet admiration and gave me kisses.
Lily passed five years ago, and I still miss her. She was special, and I could tell that Entie was special too. I just had to have this sweet, loving little girl in my life. We adopted her and brought her to join Rita in our forever home.

Ten year old Rita has perked up since Entie arrived, and so have I!
Entie is beyond "what the doctor ordered." He gives me pain medication.
Entie provides snuggles, kisses and love.

Denise Peterson (February, 2015)

He is WONDERFUL and we love him so very much!! He has adapted so well into our family and our home. He and Max get along very well. Even Eddie the cat has mostly accepted him. They were on the sofa together the other day. He loves to go for walks with everyone and he is always happy to see us when we come home. As you can see he has made his way into our hearts!

Jill Anderson (January 13, 2016)



May 17, 1999 - June 10, 2015
From the Heart of James McCanna:
Our precious girl Jenny died 6/10/2015. We loved her as we love family. We are heart broken, she was so much a part of our family. My wife and I took turns holding her through her last night. There will never be such a kind hearted animal as Jenny. She would never chase a rabbit or a mouse she loved everybody and everything, she will be deeply missed by our family because she was family. Her racing name was MD'S Georgia

Sincerely, James and Robin McCanna


He is such a sweetie and handsome too--we are so happy to have had the opportunity to bring him home!!! My friend and I were commenting on how he feels silken..maybe I should have named him that. He seems to really enjoy the outdoors coming in and out rain or snow. In the spring thru fall, we're outside as much as we possibly can I can't wait for that.. ..and we have a few RV trips planned. Took him to PetsMart and he was like a kid in a candy store AND PULLED 2 TOYS OFF THEIR HOOKS so they are his now. I've been able to see videos of his races too.

He's so responsive..whenever he is told to come here and there he is so quick to react, and at the dog park when I call his name he comes running. We're all smiles here!! Just wanted to let you know.

Janene Millen (February 23,2016)

This beautiful girl was one of the hounds who were entered in the 2nd Chance at Life Greyhound Prison Partnership through The National Greyhound Foundation


Shelbi (KC's Beth)