Remember that your donations to PG INC., a tax-exempt 501 c (3) public charity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, qualify as charitable deductions on the federal income tax return to the extent allowable under the law. We will send you a receipt as proof of your donation.

In Honor Of

Dee Gehrlein
In Honor of Personalized Greyhounds Inc

Peggy and Lew Levin
Dan Bible
Elizabeth Doan
In Honor of Personalized Greyhounds' volunteers doing a wonderful job placing greyhounds into loving homes.

Corporate Donors

That Fish Place/That Pet Place

Benny's Pet Depot

Gayle Leader via the T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

With Gratitude

CJ and Mike MaGilton

Veronica King

Patti Hivner

In Support of PGInc.

In Memory Of

Lew and Peggy Levin
Larry and Rita Spittler
Pam and Larry Pollack
Ellyse Pollack
Richard and Debbie Pitts
Donald Boodman
Steve and Carol Shapiro
Michael and Patti Freer
Louis Laveton
Larry Haswell and Associates
Harry and Sandra Gerhardt
Cathy Bishop
Shondra Eisenhart
Sue Clausen
Paula Flowers and friends from Engine Parts Warehouse
In memory of Monica Lissauer

In Memory Of

Deborah & Mathew Blanchard
In Memory of Joey Sauertieg

Lee and Ben Livingood
In Memory of Lucy Lloyd

David Nichols
In Memory of Vinnie Adopted in 2005

Connie Horner

Pam Mowrey
In Memory of Cleo and Ramses

Charles & Jane Lloyd
In Memory of the Livingood Greys, Soarin' & TK

James Fetter
In Memory of Darlene Fetter and her love of greyhounds

Linda Lowerie Ttee
J. Kenneth Lowrie Ttee
Mr. and Mrs. Christianson
Thomas and Sundra Heiland
Scott and Stacey Heiland and family
Thomas II and Gwen Heiland and Family
Lew and Peggy Levin
Larry and Rita Spittler
Jeanie Harlacher
David and Sherri Ball
Sue Clausen
In Memory of Marilee Ball

We thank everyone for their many donations, all of which benefit Greyhound Adoption