Our Mission: Putting the right Greyhound in the right home

Your Responsibility: Understanding that your new friend is a lifelong committment!

Interested in adopting an ex-racer? Great! However, do educate yourself as much as possible about this special breed and be very certain you want to make the lifetime commitment to a greyhound before you go forward. Let me suggest a few ways to do this to become more familiar with these devoted dogs.

Come to our Meet and Greets, ask us a zillion questions and and then some. Not to fear, there is no such thing as a dumb question - honest!

Read books on racing greyhounds such as "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies", a fantastic educational book by none other than Lee Livingood, a four time adopter of PERSONALIZED GREYHOUNDS, INC. We want you to be as ready as you can be for this wonderful adventure and no book out there says as much as Lee's. After you have done these things and you are quite sure a greyhound is for you, please remember that we want you to know what is expected of you from the beginning as we do frown on those who do not accept and work through, for the sake of the Greyhound, the cons that go along with so many pros. Thus, the reason for us wanting you ready for this journey. We want the marriage of the greyhound and new family to be as right, as right can be. Putting the "right" greyhound in the "right" home has been our goal since PERSONALIZED GREYHOUNDS, INC. was born in January of 1995.

For a list of greyhounds available for adoption, click or tap here.