Our individual adoption process begins when you submit an application to Personalized Greyhounds, Inc. We will discuss your needs and preferences with you:

  • Your color, age, and gender preference
  • Ages of children in the home
  • Any other pets in the home
  • How soon you would like to receive your dog

After your references have been confirmed, Personalized Greyhounds requires that a PG representative have a home visit with you to discuss safety issues and answer any additional questions you may have. Then we will begin our search for your dog through our contacts at Greyhound racetracks throughout the U.S. When we have found the ideal dog for you, we will bring it to the Harrisburg area, and prepare him or her for your home.

Our preparation includes:

  • A thorough washing and grooming
  • Flea and tick check and removal
  • Eyes flushed, ears cleaned, nails cut
  • If necessary, testing for children over age six and animal tolerance
  • Most important, LOTS OF TLC!

When you arrive to take your greyhound home, we require that you bring an ID tag, permanently engraved complete with your name, address, phone numbers and your dog's name. We will provide a PG Inc. ID tag already attached to his collar. It is imperative that all of this information be kept on your grey at all times.

When you take possession of your greyhound, you will be assigned a mentor (your greyhound buddy). PG will make a contact with you within 24 hours after you get your greyhound and we require a post adoption home visit within 7 days after you adopt your grey.


  • Transportation to the Harrisburg Area
  • Medical Records
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Teeth cleaned
  • Greyhound collar and lead
  • PG Inc.identification tag
  • A thorough "Going Home Guide"
  • A PG INC Volunteer who is assigned to you as your advisor

All of the above are included in the adoption fee. Please see the adoption application for detailed information


For the most part, greyhounds do not need any special equipment or environment, however you should expect to purchase:

  • Crate: It is imperative that you use a crate for the first few weeks if your greyhound has not been in foster care. We recommend a wire dog crate (48" x 36" x 30"), which is similar to what they lived in at the track. They are not used to the run of the house, and should be given freedom gradually. (We sometimes have used crates for sale or occasionally loaners. If interested in these, please ask us about them.)
  • Bed or sleeping material: Greyhounds need a soft place to lie down. Thick blankets, crate pads, heavy quilts, or dog beds can be used in the sleeping crate--the thicker the better.
  • Coat: Because they have so little body fat, they are sensitive to the cold. They should have a coat for walking in cold weather.
  • Raised food and water bowls: Greyhounds should eat out of bowls raised 15-18 inches off of the ground, to avoid digestive problems.
  • Books: "Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies" by Lee Livingood with technical editing by Peggy Levin, Founder of Personalized Greyhounds, Inc., an informative publication for prospective as well as current adopters.

For more information from Personalized Greyhounds, Inc., please send us an email, or call us at 717.743.7264, or use our snail mail address:

Personalized Greyhounds, Inc.
765 Fishing Creek Road
New Cumberland PA 17070